Daftar Karya Dosen Jurusan Manajemen

List of Intellectual Property Rights

NoName of Certificate HolderTitleCertificate NumberTypes of Creation
1Dr. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd., M.M.E-Module Practicum Office Technology based on 3D Page Flip Professional Application174977Computer Programs
2Dr. Heny Kusdiyanti, S.Pd.,M.M.Public Relations and Protocol Automation E-module: Organizing Meetings174958Computer Programs
3Dr. Heny Kusdiyanti S.Pd.,MMModule 1 The Nature of Learning Strategies173734module
4Dr. Wening Patmi Rahayu, S.Pd.,M.M.HOTS Oriented Assessment175126Other Papers
5Dr. H. Agung Winarno,M.M.Website-based school financial administration management system176455Basis Data
6Dr. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd., M.M. E-Module Practicum Financial Administration Program-Based 3D Application Pageflip Professional181434Compilation of Creations/Data
7H. Imam Bukhori, S.Pd., M.M., M.PdE-Module Automation & Financial Governance using Kvisoft Flipbook Maker with Model Guide Inquiry177642Compilation of Creations/Data
8Dr. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd., M.M. Inquiry-Based Practicum Module Supply Management Courses178655module
9Dr. Agus Hermawan, M.Si,Grad Dip MGT., M Bus Scientific-Based Facilities and Infrastructure Automation Module178656module
10Dr. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd., M.M. Problem Based Learning (PBL) Archival Module to Improve Learning Outcomes 180145module
11Dr. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd., M.M.Learn Business Letters180180Computer Programs
12Dr. H. Agung Winarno,M.M.SIMFAMIK ( Academic Information System )180181Computer Programs
13Dr. Hj. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd., M.M.SIAMAR PONTREN ( Administration System for Storing Incoming and Outgoing Mail Pondok Pesantren)180983Computer Programs
14Dr. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd., M.M.E-Module Archival using eXelearning182276Compilation of Creations/Data
15Dr. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd., M.M.ADP CLASS184458Computer Programs
16Yuli Agustina, S,E,M.M.E-Module Sarpras182277Compilation of Creations/Data
17Yuli Agustina, S.Pd. S.E.M.M.Office Technology Learning Media Based on Adobe Flash Professional CS 6182905Computer Programs
18Dr. Wening Patmi Rahayu, S.Pd,M.M.Sigil Application-Based E-Modules in Digital Simulation and Communication Subjects183953Compilation of Creations/Data
19Dr. Wening Patmi Rahayu, S.Pd,M.M.Financial Governance Automation Module Using STEM Approach183922module
20Dr. Wening Patmi Rahayu, S.Pd,M.M.Microsoft Access-Based Digital Archival Learning Media183925Computer Programs
21Prof. Dr. Budi Eko Soetjipto,M.Ed., M.SiLocal Culture of Trenggalek Region184380Textbooks
22Dr. Heny Kusdiyanti, S.Pd.,M.M.Android App-Based Mobile Learning Media Using Appypie183969Compilation of Creations/Data
23Dr. Heny Kusdiyanti, S.Pd.,M.M.Scribe Video-Based Learning Media in Correspondence Subjects : Personal Letters183944Video Recording Works
24Dr. Hj. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd., M.MElectronic Publication-Based E-Modules in Archival Subjects183970Compilation of Creations/Data
25Dr. H. Agung Winarno,M.M.Website-based Library Information System184822Basis Data
26Dr. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd., M.MFURNITURE ASITOR (Learning Media Android Office Communication) 184823Compilation of Creations/Data
27Dr. Wening Patmi Rahayu, S.Pd.,M.M.Ispring Suite 9 Based Learning Media In Correspondence Subjects184824Compilation of Creations/Data
28Dr. H. Agung Winarno,M.M.ADMUM (General Administration)184825Compilation of Creations/Data
29Dr. Agus Hermawan, M.Si., GradDipMgt., M.BusSiJarDu ( Integrated Learning System)185291Computer Programs
30H. Imam Bukhori, S.Pd., M.M., M.PdLearning Media using Articulate Storyline media in Administrative Subjects185776Computer Programs
31Dr. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd., M.MDIANDROTERAN (Learning Media Andorid Office Technology)185852Compilation of Creations/Data
32Dr. H. Agung Winarno,M.M.SASMAKER ( Incoming and Outgoing Mail Administration System )186771Computer Programs
33Dr. H. Agung Winarno,M.M.SASDes ( Village Correspondence Administration System )186772Computer Programs
34Dr. Agung Winarno, M.MTechnical Guidelines for Real Work Lectures (KKN) Issue 2 of 2019188377Guidebook/ Manual
35Dr. Agung Winarno, M.MCovid-19 Edition Real Work Lecture Instructions (KKN)188378Guidebook/ Manual
36Yuli Agustina, S,E. , S.Pd.,M.M Scientific Approach-Based Archival Practicum Module Development188555module
37Rachmad Hidayat, S.Pd., M.PdAndroid-Based Mobile Learning Media Using Adobe Animate CC Application in Business Communication Subjects at SMK 2 Muhammadiyah189584Compilation of Creations/Data
38Yuli Agustina, S.E., S.Pd.,M.M.E-Module General Administration Using 3D Pageflip Professional Based Model Predict Observe Explain (POE)190757Compilation of Creations/Data
39Yuli Agustina, S.E., S.Pd.,M.ME-Module Practicum Flipbook-Based Correspondence Subjects with Guided Inquiry Learning Model190755Compilation of Creations/Data
40Yuli Agustina S.E.,S.Pd. , M.MMedpem Correspondence190584Computer Programs
41Drs. H. Mohammad Arief, M.SiE-Module Of Inquiry-Based Facilities and Infrastructure Administration using Lectora Inspire190756Compilation of Creations/Data
42Imam Bukhori, S.Pd, M.PdDiscovery Learning-Based Public Relations and Protocol Module190935module
43Yuli Agustina, S.E., M.MSnake Learning Media About Cooperative Learning Model type STAD (Student Team Achievment Divisions)191629
44Drs. H. Mohammad Arief, M.SiDigital FlipbookBased Archival E-Module (Archive Storage System)191033Compilation of Creations/Data
45Dr. H. Agung Winarno,M.M.ELBOW ( Financial Administration Information System )191038Computer Programs
46Dr. Agung Winarno, M.ME-Module Based 3D PageFlip Professional In Indonesian Correspondence Courses191034Compilation of Creations/Data
47Rachmad Hidayat, S.Pd., M.PdE-Comic Learning Media in Retail Business Management Subjects for Vocational School Students Class XII Online Business and Marketing190934Computer Programs
48Yuli Agustina., S.E., M.MDevelopment of Website-Based Library Information System (Study on SMKN Library 2 Kediri City)191039Computer Programs
49Yuli Agustina, S,E,M.MDiscovery Learning-based Office Technology Subject Module192463module
50Drs. Mohammad Hari, M.SiDevelopment of Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Based E-module on Creative And Entrepreneurial Product Subjects Basic Competencies Applying Promotional Media for Online Marketing192891Compilation of Creations/Data
51Drs. Mohammad Hari, M.SiProblem Solving Based E-module Using Sigil Application In Marketing Subjects192892Compilation of Creations/Data
52Dr. Agus Hermawan, M.Si., GradDipMgt., M.BusMobile Learning Media Based Appypie To Improve Student Learning Outcomes In Marketing Subjects (Study On Students Class X Online Business and Marketing at SMK Islam Batu)192893Computer Programs
53Yuli Agustina S.E, M.M.OTKP-edu (Automation of Office-education Governance)192885Computer Programs
54Dr. Heny Kusdiyanti, S.Pd.,M.MIspring Suite 9 Learning Media Based on Android192882Computer Programs
55Drs. Mohammad Arief, M.Si Flipbook-Based E-Module on Public Relations and Protocol Governance Automation Subjects192878Compilation of Creations/Data
56Drs. Moh. Hari, M.SiE-module Using Kvisoft Fipbook Maker Application in Business Planning Subjects195537Compilation of Creations/Data
57Drs. Mohammad Arief, M.SiKvisoft Flipbook Maker Based Office Technology E-Module195540Compilation of Creations/Data
58Drs. Mohammad Arief, M.SiAndroid-based Learning Media using Mindset Mindmanager Software/Application in General Administration Subjects195539Computer Programs
59Jefry Aulia Martha S.Pd., M.PdSengguruh Village Profile Video "The Teacher"196524Video Recording Works
60Ika Zutiasari, S.Pd., M.PdGuidelines for Creating An Administrative Governance Application System196631module
61Drs. Mohammad Hari, M.SiDevelopment of Sparkol Videoscribe-Based Learning Media Basic Competencies applying Online Marketing Promotion Media to Creative and Entrepreneurial Product Subjects at SMK Muhammadiyah 5 Kepanjen197425Video Recording Works
62Lohana Juariyah3D Design Waterboom Food Court Pagelaran Village200415
63Lohana JuariyahSIBADAR ( WaRga Database Information System )197424Basis Data
64Ika Zutiasari, S.Pd, M.PdSIPATAS Application as a New Innovation in Gadingkembar Village Administration Service213968
65Dr. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd, M.M.Ficoura (Filing Course Application)198924Computer Programs
66Dr. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd., M.M.Application of MLA Theory198928Computer Programs
67Yuli Agustina, S.E., M.M.Microsoft Access-Based E-Archive Learning Media In Class X Archival Subjects198871Computer Programs
68Drs. H. Mohammad Arief, M.SiDigital Archive Storage System (SIPARDI)198860Computer Programs
69Yuli Agustina, S.E, M.MAndroid-Based Learning Media using Adobe Animate CC in General Administration Subjects199861Computer Programs
70Jefry Aulia Martha S.Pd, M.PdVideo Tempe Sanan Craftsmen PART 1200175Video Recording Works
71Jefry Aulia Martha S.Pd, M.PdVideo Of Tempe Sanan Craftsmen PART 2200178Video Recording Works
72Jefry Aulia Martha S.Pd, M.PdSanan Village Profile Video200176Video Recording Works
73Jefry Aulia Martha S.Pd, M.PdVideo Tour in Sanan Village 200173Video Recording Works
74Andi Basuki, S.Pd., M.PdMicrosoft Office Acces-Based Digital Archive Simulation Media216704Compilation of Creations/Data
75Dr. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd., M.M.National Training Module – Android-Based Mobile Learning Application Development201492module
76Yuli Agustina, S.E, M.ME-Module 3D Pageflip Professional On Creative Products And Entrepreneurship Based On Project Based Learning213965Computer Programs
77Dr. Wening Patmi Rahayu, S.Pd.,M.MProject-Based Psychomotor Assessment Instruments to Improve The Competence of 21st Century Students200800Other Papers
78Prof. Dr. Sudarmiatin, M.SiCharacter Value-Based Teaching Materials On Slg Kediri Monument Relief201354module
79Yuli Agustina, SE, M.MFun Geometry204389Props
80Yuli Agustina, SE, M.MThe Importance of Complying with Health Protocols in the New Normal Era200794Video Recording Works
81Yuli Agustina, SE, M.MSimple Excel-Based Accounting Information System to Facilitate The Recording of MSME Financial Statements200793Computer Programs
82Yuli Agustina, SE, M.MShopping Tips at the Mall When New Normal201792Video Recording Works
83Drs. H. Mohammad Arief, M.SiPowToon-Based Audio Visual Learning Media in Archival Subjects201793Video Recording Works
84Agung Winarno, M.MMIA (General Administration Interactive Media) Based on Android201523Computer Programs
85Drs. H. Mohammad Arief, M.SiE-Petty Cash201524Computer Programs
86Achmad Murdiono, S.E., S.Pd,M.M.Introductory Video About YES APPs210610Video Recording Works
87Achmad Murdiono, S.E., S.Pd,M.M.Video Prototype YES APPs210611Video Recording Works
88Achmad Murdiono, S.E., S.Pd,M.M.Video YES (Young Entrepreneur and Scientist) Institute APPs Indonesia210612Video Recording Works
89Dr. Hj. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd., M.M.EduHalal ( Halal Product Education Application for Teenagers)222430Computer Programs
90Dr. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd., M.M.MOLA (Mobile Learning Application)224277Computer Programs
91Dr. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd., M.M.PUBLIC RELATIONS-IS 9224276Computer Programs
92Dr. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd., M.M.Sigil Application-Based Correspondence E-Module with Discovery Learning Model237068Computer Programs
93Elfia Nora, S.E, M.SiDevelopment of E-Learning Media Idea Bank Application Based on Android224216Computer Programs
94Dr. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd, M.MAdorn226489Computer Programs
95Dr. Madziatul Churiyah, S.Pd, M.MSi-Maspro (Application public relations and protocol)226490Computer Programs
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